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just a small town girl on a journey towards the celestial city... looking to make the travels as full as possible. passionate about life, Jesus, her family, her airman, children, and those around her (yes she's a milso too)
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    There are moments in the animal kingdom you come across and suddenly realize animals aren’t really so different from us when you think about it. This is one of them.


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    Help find Erin Corwin, a 19yo wife of a Marine last seen on June 28 near Joshua Tree Nat’l Park. Stationed at 29 Palms. Tips call 909-387-3589. #LocateErin

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  • Hey how’s it going?  It’s been a while since I posted on here… 

    I got married 

    [insert gasp…. questions of sanity… pleased smiles…]

    I moved across the country

    [repeat above reaction]

    and tomorrow we’re moving into a huge house. with lots of responsibilities. and lovely windows. 

    and i cannot wait.

    I’m not gonna lie and say it’s been the least stressful time of my life, However, it’s been the best stress i’ve ever experienced… lol

    The wives here are annoying - as expected.  Just drama-filled gossip.  I’m staying away.  It’s been fun signing my name as “Mrs…__” ;)

    God is good.  He provides.  Like… I was wondering how we’d afford a washer/dryer set and I found a new set for $700 because the family is moving and then I was like wait… i don’t HAVE $700 and then the realtor finally gave us the exact numbers for our payment tomorrow and it’s $500 less than what I was expecting… See what i’m saying? He’s all to good for me.

    Life is good.  Praising Him in the little things. 

    xo. Elle

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    • you have the right to confess your failures without having that define your entire existence.  
    • you have the right to not be scared to state your fears.
    • you have the right to express concerns, opposing beliefs, and go against the flow without feeling pressure to conform.

    everyone needs to be respected… not just people who are fighting for their own rights… 


  • Summatime is the season for relaxing, rejuvenating, friends, and family. Enjoy every day and every ray!

  • I’m challenging you to try this. 

  • New Twitter Account

    easier way to contact/talk with me! :)

  • Happy Father’s Day to all those dads who aren’t home with their babies today.